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Most of the time, when a business mentions a showroom, they’re referencing a stuffy warehouse where they have equipment haphazardly displayed without any cohesive design or pattern.



We want our customers to feel at home in our showroom, so we designed it to be welcoming and comfortable. We value your time and business, and our showroom communicates that.




What Makes the Integrated Lifestyles Show Room Different?

Our Showroom is Comfortable and Relaxed

The goals of the showroom are to display our technological capabilities and give clients an idea of what sort of smart home systems we can build in their Highland Park, TX property. We promise to never put pressure on our clients, because the choice to install automated technology should be made freely.

The Showroom Gives You a Chance to See the System Before You Buy It

We believe you should be able to see what you’re planning to purchase before you buy it. Our showroom is designed to help you visualize what an automated system would look like in your home or business.

The Integrated Lifestyles Showroom is an Experience

More than anything else, we want your time in the Integrated Lifestyles showroom to be a positive experience. Technology systems create an atmosphere in homes and businesses, and the showroom is designed to give you a feel for the kind of atmosphere your system may create.

13650 TI Blvd, Suite 309
Dallas, Texas 75243

The Integrated Lifestyles showroom is the perfect place to learn about the technology you’re planning on installing in your home or business.

If you’re not quite sure what different types of speakers, video equipment or lighting automation options exist, our showroom will give you the chance to see all your choices.

The showroom displays many different types of technology systems.

While the displays in the showroom are diverse, you can rest assured that we will build a custom system for your home or business. The purpose of the showroom is to give you an idea of what your system may be like, but it’s not an exact model.

Approachability and friendliness are important characteristics of our business.

We wanted our showroom to reflect the attitudes of our employees and culture as a company. That’s why we made sure it’s an inviting atmosphere where clients can learn about what technology is right for their needs.





Discover detailed design, premium service and peak performance in our showroom.