Residential Audio/Visual


Install the full audio/visual experience in your home.

From whole-home installation, to private home theater design and outdoor speakers, Integrated Lifestyles installs completely unique, customized audio/visual systems for your University Park, TX residence.




of full-service audio/visual equipment

Entertainment doesn’t have to be tricky, obnoxious and difficult. In fact, we believe it should be easy to use, intuitive and streamlined. This is why Integrated Lifestyles offers full-service audio/visual services for your Highland Park, TX home, including whole-house video distribution and media room design.




The Benefits of Residential Audio/Visual Services


At Integrated Lifestyles, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all installations, and we make sure that each and every audio/visual system we install meets the unique needs of each client. We are more than happy to build a tailored system to meet your individual needs.

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Residential audio/visual systems certainly give the appearance of luxury and upscale living. To keep your home looking stylish, we install equipment that fits nicely into your home’s style. Additionally, we make sure to neatly organize and hide all wires so your equipment is unobtrusive and sure to impress.


Audio/visual media is integral in modern life. From streaming music and podcasts to keeping up with your favorite shows, having reliable access to your favorite forms of media is important. Installing a residential audio/visual system will ensure you are able to access your favorite home media whenever and wherever you like.

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Our audio/visual installations are sleek and easily blend into your home’s appearance.

All wires are neatly organized and hidden to prevent eyesores, and since control of your audio/visual technology is centralized, you won’t have any obtrusive volume knobs or other controls.

Single-room, multi-room and whole-home audio/visual installation

Residential audio/video systems are scalable and useful for a variety of things. Audio/visual installations are absolutely vital for the frequent entertainer, families with varied tastes in media and households that enjoy high quality audio/visual experiences.

Media rooms and home theaters

Create an entertainment hub for your home with a home theater or media room. The comfortable setting, impeccable design and premium quality of an Integrated Lifestyles home theater is sure to make your home theater your favorite place to watch movies and stream your favorite television shows.

Outdoor audio/visual systems

Outdoor entertainment equipment is just as important as its indoor counterpart. Installing an outdoor audio/visual system will enhance backyard get-togethers, provide you with the perfect setting to watch sports games and create a nice place to relax outdoors.





Experience the Luxury of Residential Audio/Visual Equipment