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Outdoor Home Entertainment System


Transforming Outdoor Spaces with Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

In Highland Park, Texas, homeowners spend plenty of time outdoors. They also enjoy upgrading and enhancing their backyard with outdoor home entertainment systems like surround-sound speakers, soundbars, TVs, and landscape lighting—another key element to creating the perfect outdoor oasis! 

Here at Integrated Lifestyles, we install Coastal Source landscape lighting systems so that homeowners can elevate their outdoor experience to new heights and enhance their outdoor spaces' aesthetic appeal and functionality.

We're Designing the Custom Home Theater of Your Dreams


Experience the Ultimate, One-of-a-Kind Home Entertainment

Have you been perusing Pinterest or another online platform, looking at the many home theater designs? Perhaps you’ve been watching a movie in the den, longing for the feeling you get at the local Cineplex—the sensation of entering the world on the screen.

If so, it may be time. A custom home theater may be calling you, and it’s time to pick up the phone. 

Let’s explore what these masterpieces of entertainment offer and why more homeowners than ever are finding a space for them in their Preston Hollow, TX, home.

Integrating Lighting Automation into Your Smart Home System

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Streamline Comfort and Efficiency with Home Lighting Automation 

Home automation has come a long way from just being a convenient tool. Nowadays, it's essential for keeping up with modern life—with thermostats that make your home comfortable when you walk through the door and security cameras that keep a watchful eye when you're out and about. However, what really sets the mood is lighting automation. Smart lights can enhance every room of your home and elevate your daily activities. Keep reading to find out how integrating Ketra home lighting automation into your White Rock, TX, smart home system can give you more control over your house’s aesthetic and functionality.

Exploring the Advantages of OLED Technology in Modern Displays

A family watching a football game in the living room.

Why Oled Technology is an Excellent Choice for Home Theaters and Media Rooms

You may have heard of OLED technology but aren’t sure exactly how it differs from other display technology. OLED is used in many displays, including tablets, computers, and smartphones, but perhaps it shines brightest in large TV displays for home theaters and media rooms. In this blog, we’ll explain the advantages of OLED tech for media and also talk about an alternative when you want a really big screen size for a larger space. Please keep reading! 


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