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3 Common Home Networking Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Ensure Your Smart Home Runs Safely and Securely with a Reliable Network Installation

These days, you can hardly find a home that isn’t equipped with a wireless home network. Not only do we rely on the internet for our smartphones and laptops, but consumer technology is growing in waves, and smart homes require a robust internet connection to run reliably around the clock.

More and more of the devices in your University Park, TX home are finding their way to your network, resulting in a web of internet-connected devices that you depend on daily. As your smart home grows, your network must be able to handle these demands while keeping you safe from cyber threats.

Unsure if your wireless home networking installation can support and safeguard your ever-growing connected lifestyle? Keep reading to learn about three common home networking mistakes and how to fix them to ensure your network is secure now and in the future.

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What to Consider Before Purchasing Home Surveillance Cameras


These Key Questions Will Help You Select the Best Cameras for Your Home Security System

Homeowners looking to add surveillance cameras to their new or existing property have much to consider. The market is full of solutions that vary in price, features, performance, and quality, which can be difficult to sort through if you’re not sure what to look for.

Avoid the hassle by working with our home security system professionals to help you find the right cameras that meet your needs. Though you can always contact us to schedule a free consultation, we’ve put together a handy list of questions in the meantime to help you navigate what your needs are when it comes to protecting your University Park, TX home.

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Unique Movie Marathon Ideas for Your Custom Home Theater


Binge-Watching Beyond “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars”

Right now, we all can use a little escapism and activities to enjoy at home. We can’t currently visit our local Highland Park, TX, movie theaters, but if you have a custom home theater or would like to install one, you can immerse yourself in new worlds and create lasting memories with loved ones. Whether you’d like to delve into nostalgia or adrenaline, we’ve rounded up marathon ideas that are a little less common than the usual superhero or magical franchise.

With surround sound and an Ultra HD projector, it will feel like a holiday marathoning in your own theater. Whether you attempt it all in a row or spread the movies out over a week is up to you. Get inspired below!

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Integrated Lifestyles Is Still Safely Serving Our Customers

Integrated Lifestyles Inc. will stay open as a federally mandated essential business

As businesses close throughout the country to aid in social distancing and halting the spread of COVID-19, we have been designated by the government as an essential business that may remain open to support our community during this time. That being said, we’re not conducting business as usual. Your safety is greatly important to us, which is why we’ve implemented special steps to protect clients and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak in the US.

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