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The Makings of a Robust Home Network Solution

Living area with open-air floor plan overlooking pool and inset TV screen.

Ruckus Networks Provides State-of-the-Art Wi-Fi Solutions

From 2019 to 2021, the average number of connected devices in a home more than doubled, from 11 to 25. These devices include laptops, smart TVs, video streaming devices, gaming consoles, and much more, all of which require a solid home network to perform optimally. 

In a smart home, the network becomes increasingly more important. It connects all devices to the Control4 home automation platform and each other. The only reason that the “Good Night” button on your in-wall keypad is able to lower your shades, turn your lights off, lock your doors and arm your security system is because of a strong network with enough bandwidth and high-speed connectivity. 

Integrated Lifestyles provides smart home solutions in Highland Park, TX, with the robust network solutions required to perform seamlessly with the help of our partners Control4 and Ruckus. 

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Today’s Landscape Speakers Deliver an Immersive Audio Experience

An Origin Acoustics satellite landscape speaker placed amidst plants and rocks.

Bring High-Fidelity Audio to the Great Outdoors

Imagine waking up in the morning to shades that raise with the rising sun and your favorite “Good Morning” playlist streaming softly through your room. The music follows you to the kitchen as you prepare your morning coffee or tea. Once you step outside to the patio to peacefully sip your coffee, your music experience shouldn’t be over! Your music should follow you onto the patio—a sound that floats free of the speakers and is effortlessly clear. 

Today’s high-performance audio and automation systems make this experience possible. Let’s explore how landscape speakers can transform entertainment on your White Rock, TX, property.

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Extend Your Living Space by Bringing Music Outdoors

People talking on a patio with a wireless speaker on the table.

The Benefits of Creating an Outdoor Oasis with Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Are you considering extending your living space and creating an outdoor oasis where friends and family gather? After all, there’s nothing better than enjoying the beautiful outdoors with great friends and good food. But, of course, the one element that brings it all together is music—music that fills the air, enlivens the crowd, and sets the mood. 

Today, you'll find numerous options for outdoor entertainment. Some of our clients in the White Rock Neighborhood in Dallas, TX, opt for wireless outdoor speakers due to their ease of use and scalability. While some are concerned about the quality, others swear they can hear the highest treble and feel the lowest bass. 

Let’s explore our options.

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Control Your Climate Effortlessly with Smart Home Automation

A room with a lit fireplace, chair, and hidden TV.

Experience Luxurious Ease-of-Living with One-Touch Control of Your Home's Many Systems

When our clients in the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas, TX, consider a climate control system for their smart homes, they think about easily managing the temperature of their homes. We're always happy to inform them that smart climate control offers so much more. Let's explore just what these systems offer and how they enhance your everyday lives.

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