Give your Downtown Dallas business a futuristic and upscale atmosphere with commercial automation technology from Integrated Lifestyles.



The environment you work in can have a serious impact on employees and patrons alike. Installing an automation or restaurant sound system that’s been completely customized to fit your Deep Ellum, TX business’ needs and culture can boost the moods of both employees and customers, thus increasing your productivity and sales.

Upgrade your business with a tailored automation system from Integrated Lifestyles.

Automated technology can greatly increase your company’s productivity by streamlining communication, making access to important information easier and removing the technical difficulties that come along with dated or poorly installed systems from other companies.




Experience the Benefits of Commercial Automation With Integrated Lifestyles


The integration of your business’ technology allows you to have access to climate controls, lighting and audio/visual equipment from one centralized, remote-controlled location. Being able to conveniently control temperature, light intensity and audio/visual equipment use with the touch of a button will help your business save money on energy costs.


With Integrated Lifestyles, your technology installation will seamlessly blend into the style and atmosphere of your business, making it look welcoming and polished. The sense of style and luxury provided by a premium technology installation can help to attract customers, provide a nice working environment for employees and reflect the success of your business.


The ease of use associated with integrated, automated technology alongside the reliability of premium quality equipment makes communication, both internally and externally, a breeze. Integrated Lifestyles’ fully automated conference rooms, premium video walls and immersive presentation systems are sure to make communication within your business more effective.

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Automation is useful for a vast array of commercial uses,

from retail, to outdoor venues and pools, museums and education. Installing technology with Integrated Lifestyles is sure to give your business a boost.

Communication is a vital part of all business environments.

Some of our corporate communication installations include conference rooms with full-service video-conferencing capabilities, video walls and immersive presentation systems. We believe that ultimately, technology should work for the good of your individual business. For this reason, we install fully customized, tailored technological systems that meet the communication needs of each individual business we serve.

Integrated Lifestyles is more than happy to install audio/visual systems for entertainment venues.

Our premium quality speakers, video equipment and lighting services are perfectly suited to the needs of an entertainment venue. We will make sure that your venue has a top-notch, reliable installation that works for the good of your business and for the entertainment of your customers.

For many food enthusiasts, the atmosphere of a restaurant is an incredibly important factor in the overall experience of the restaurant and the food.

Installing technology to enhance this atmosphere is a great way to win over customers. With lighting automation, video menu boards, easy climate controls and premium communication systems, your restaurant can create the perfect dining experience from a centralized, remote-controlled location.





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