How Seniors Are Benefitting from Smart Home Automation


Smart Technology Is Not Just a Millennial Fascination

A home automation system may sound like something only a craft beer-drinking, tech-startup employed millennial would use. But that’s far from the truth. Seniors have found valuable benefits in smart technology, and in fact, one in seven adults ages 50 and older already own a home assistant device. More than 80% of Americans ages 50 to 64 use smartphones, which means they’re all entirely capable of accessing a smart system like Control4. It’s safe to say the next generation of seniors will be going ‘smart’—and soon.

Whether you’re shopping around for yourself, a spouse, parent, or friend, discover what other seniors in University Park, TX are enjoying about seamlessly integrated technology below.

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Sync All Tech in One System

Investing in smart technology will be more trouble than it’s worth if you’re using disjointed systems and devices. Who wants to fiddle with multiple remotes or smartphone apps? The purpose of home automation is to simplify your life—not make it more complicated. That’s why it’s essential to use a unified system like Control4. You can sync your speakers, lights, security devices, thermostats, and more under the Control4 umbrella, and access them all from a remote, app, or voice assistant. Even if different brands manufacture your other devices, they can still connect to a Control4 smart system.


Voice Control for the Whole House

Voice control is a popular feature for music listening and smart TV remotes, but the feature can go much further with a home automation system. Simpler than navigating apps, voice control can make automatic adjustments to your blinds, lights, climate control, and entertainment in single spoken orders. With custom scenes, users can say, “Morning Routine” or “Time for Bed” and watch their house react accordingly. For seniors struggling issues with mobility, poor vision, or simply not wanting to learn a new device, voice control makes smart technology intuitive. Raise the motorized blinds or lower the temperature on the thermostat in one command—your Control4 system is smart enough to understand.


Increased Safety & Comfort

Security is made simple with a smart home installation. Sensors can prompt exterior lights to turn on when activity is detected, and smart locks send alerts to your phone when someone is at the door. For anyone with mobility issues, unlocking the door can be done in one press of a button or voice command, and the security camera feed can be checked right from your phone or tablet to see who is at the doorbell. Children of seniors can be included in the security notifications, too, so they can check in on surveillance footage or receive security notifications. Gone for the weekend? Schedule smart lights to flicker on and off throughout the day, so it looks like the house is always occupied.

While smart technology will never replace the importance of human connections, we can assist life’s daily hurdles through new solutions. To learn more or get started on your smart system, call Integrated Lifestyles in University Park, TX, at (214) 272-8678. You can also chat with a member of our staff below or submit a contact form here.

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