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Why Commercial AV Systems are Important for Your Restaurant


Create a Hospitable and Fun environment in Your Restaurant with Audio and Video Entertainment

If you're in the Texas restaurant business, you're probably aware of how competitive it is. To stay at the top of your game in Dallas, you need to incorporate different features into your restaurant, including ambiance-enhancing video and audio with commercial-quality AV systems. 

Commercial AV systems add a modern touch to your restaurant and bar and boost your establishment’s appeal to keep patrons coming back. Read on to learn more about how AV technology can enhance your restaurant.

Get More Out of Meetings with the Samsung Flip 2 Digital Display


This Interactive Touchscreen Whiteboard Should Be Your Next Conference Room Solution

In this digital world, why do businesses still use paper and whiteboards for collaboration tools? The answer is likely that writing alongside teammates is more conducive to productive brainstorming and training sessions than typing on laptops. In fact, studies show that the pen is mightier than the keyboard when it comes to recalling information and learning a new topic.

The problem with paper and whiteboards is that the information collected can be easily thrown away, lost, or erased. It’s also difficult to relay that information to those who couldn’t make the meeting. The Samsung Flip 2 touchscreen whiteboard solves these problems by providing familiar pen-to-paper collaborative writing and allowing you to easily save and share notes with your team—digitally.


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