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Architectural Lighting Techniques to Enhance Your Interior Design

A modern kitchen with linear lighting underneath wooden cabinets and shining on marble countertops.

Bring Intrigue & A Pop of Color to Your Lakewood Home 

Many homeowners brighten their homes with a single light at the center of the ceiling or a floor lamp in the corner, using any old light bulb. But architectural lighting dares you to dream bigger. 

With architectural lighting, we approach lighting as an art and science, designing a system that accentuates a room’s layout, wall colors, artwork, and furniture. Architectural lighting combines lighting layouts with color and brightness levels to create comfortable, liveable spaces.  

Whether you’re renovating or building a new house in the Lakewood area of Dallas, here’s how our architectural lighting services can transform the way you illuminate your home. 

Feeling Blue? White Light Can Help!

A series of lamps with different color temperatures illuminating a staircase. 

The Health Benefits of Having Tunable Lighting

Lighting is an integral component of smart home control systems. Not only can it accentuate the features of your Texas home, but it can shift the look and feel of a room in an instant. Lighting can even lead to health improvements for you and your family!

At Integrated Lifestyles, we understand how important lighting is and how it can change lives. That’s why we install, integrate, and automate a wide array of innovative lighting technologies for our clients in the White Rock neighborhood of Dallas and the surrounding areas.

Tunable lighting is one innovation we’re excited about. It empowers homeowners to adjust the color temperature and intensity of a room’s lighting as well as create a variety of moods with a single fixture. Plus, by incorporating tunable lighting into your smart automation system, you can achieve a new level of luxury to your home while improving your mood. Keep reading below to discover how you and your family can improve your wellness and add convenience to everyday living.

Rest Assured with Integrated Lifestyles Dedicated Support Line


Our Professional Technicians Are Ready to Assist You With Any Issues Via Phone Or Text

Smart technology services offer convenience, peace of mind, and a sense of luxury. Whether you manage a commercial facility or are a high-tech homeowner, automation systems enhance the way you live, work and play. 

With an Integrated Lifestyles installation, you get first-class design and certified integration that exceeds your expectations and gives you the flexibility to grow. Unfortunately, despite all the careful planning and documentation, there are times things may go awry, or you need help after a power outage. Getting a hold of manufacturers’ support people is nearly impossible and often restricted to dealers. 

In order to better serve our clients in University Park, TX, and surrounding areas, we have added a dedicated technical support line. So whether you need assistance from a Fortune 500 boardroom or high-end home, our smart home company service team is there to get you running again. 

Enjoy a Bright and Brilliant Home with Control4 Smart Lighting


See Control4’s New Contemporary Lighting Line at Our Showroom

At Integrated Lifestyles, we love Control4 for all things home automation, including smart lighting. A Control4 lighting system is a smart home essential, making it easier than ever to adjust individual lights or groups of lights simultaneously using one-tap commands or preset schedules.

A Control4 system doesn’t just add convenience to your life; it adds beauty to your home, too! The new Control4 Contemporary Lighting wall keypads dress up any interior design with an elegant, modern look.

Read below to explore the magic of smart lighting control and learn about the C4Yourself event happening now through September at our Dallas, TX showroom, where you can demo Control4’s new lighting products and win special offers.

3 Benefits of an Automated Lighting System


Automated Lighting Systems Change the Look and Feel of Your Home

From a lighting system designed to help you wake up with a mimicked sunrise even in the winter to the ability to set mood lighting without ever touching a switch, automated lighting systems give you total control over your home’s look and feel.

Lighting plays such a critical role in how a room and a home feels. Bright lighting in one room might be appropriate or totally wrong depending on what you’re needing that day.

Lighting also can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm if not handled correctly.

Here’s why you need a lighting automation system.

Simplify Your Spaces with Smart Home Control


One-Touch Transforms Your Lifestyle

What makes your home unique? Is it the interior design? The architecture? Technology? No, it's your family and your lifestyle that makes a house into a home. So why would you want to waste time worrying about the little things, like energy management, preparing your spaces for the occasion, and keeping everyone safe? Instead, simplify it and focus on what matters.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the key benefits of smart home control and how it can transform your Highland Park, TX lifestyle. Are you ready? Keep reading for more.

What Is Smart Lighting Control?


Your Home’s Lights Can Do Much More Than Turn On & Off  

In the world of home technology, lighting control is the new frontier. It’s been cited with multiple benefits, including improving your homes safety, ambiance, and energy usage. But what exactly is smart lighting control? You may be wondering, don’t I control the lights already with an ‘on’ or ‘off’ switch? But by integrating your lights into a smart home system like Control4, you can use your lights to achieve so much more.  
In today’s blog, we’ll dive into the possibilities lighting control can bring to your Dallas, TX home. Continue reading to learn more!  

Advance Your Home’s Security with Smart Lighting Control


The Role Lighting Plays in Home Safety

As we have previously discussed, there are many benefits smart lighting control can offer your Highland Park, TX-area home. From saving energy to setting the atmosphere, lighting control is one of our favorite features of smart home technology. But did you know there are several ways lighting automation can improve your home’s safety, too?

To ease your anxiety and feel safer home and away, continue reading to discover the creative and effective ways lighting control can keep your Texas household safe.

Conserve Energy & Extend LED Lifespan with Smart Lighting Control


Use Smart Lights for More Than Appearances

Are light dimmers really energy efficient? Many consumers install dimmers in their home to adjust the mood and atmosphere of each room. Smart lighting control takes dimming a step further, allowing you to adjust the brightness and color temperature from your smartphone or tablet. You can create scenes and schedules, letting your light dim automatically as the day goes on.

But as you may have heard, dimming can also reduce energy usage from your lighting fixtures. That’s only the start for eco-conscious lighting; a smart system can cut your electricity use even further. Discover below how smart lighting control can make your Highland Park, TX, home more energy-efficient than ever.


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