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How to Reveal a Hidden Home Theater in Your Living Room


Enjoy Immersive Picture and Sound without the Clutter

For some, the perfect home theater looks like a traditional movie house, with tiered rows of recliners, a ceiling projector, a wall-size projector screen, decorative sconces, and lit entryways. It’s a room dedicated exclusively to cinema.

For others, the perfect home theater hides from view when not in use. Concealed within a living room used for relaxing and socializing are audio and video technologies that transform the space into an immersive movie-watching environment when you’re ready to be entertained.

While neither home theater design is better than the other, the latter may appeal to homeowners who lack the space for a dedicated home theater. If you’re intrigued, read on to learn what you’ll need to create a hidden home theater in an existing room of your University Park, TX home.

Get More Out of Meetings with the Samsung Flip 2 Digital Display


This Interactive Touchscreen Whiteboard Should Be Your Next Conference Room Solution

In this digital world, why do businesses still use paper and whiteboards for collaboration tools? The answer is likely that writing alongside teammates is more conducive to productive brainstorming and training sessions than typing on laptops. In fact, studies show that the pen is mightier than the keyboard when it comes to recalling information and learning a new topic.

The problem with paper and whiteboards is that the information collected can be easily thrown away, lost, or erased. It’s also difficult to relay that information to those who couldn’t make the meeting. The Samsung Flip 2 touchscreen whiteboard solves these problems by providing familiar pen-to-paper collaborative writing and allowing you to easily save and share notes with your team—digitally.


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