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All the Audio We Loved at CES 2019


Check out the Latest Multi-Room Audio Trends

The discerning audiophile is always looking for ways to improve their listening experience. That’s why early in the year is always an exciting time for innovation. Before we can even come down off of the new year high, we get to jump right into the coming year’s technology trends at CES.

This year’s event had plenty to get excited about -- especially if you’re a fan of new ways to listen to your favorite music and movie soundtracks in your Dallas, TX home. Here, we’ll highlight some of our favorite new technology for multi-room audio, home theater, and more. Keep reading for more.

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4 Ways Your Home Comes Alive with Multi Room Audio


Relax, Make Memories, and Stay Informed with Whole Home Speakers

Listening to music in the home brings such color to daily life. But with speakers in only one room, you’re restricted to that area. What if you could move about your whole house—and outdoors too—while the music follows you?

With multi room audio installed in your Dallas, TX home, music will waft through each room like a delicious scent from the kitchen. High-quality speakers by Origin Acoustics or Marantz deliver rich, lifelike sound, and sleek in-wall and in-ceiling speakers reduce clutter. You won’t have to make room for bulky floor-standing or bookshelf speakers, so you can save space and decorate how you’d like.

But why would anyone need multi room audio? If you’re wondering this, discover why below!

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