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Integrating Lighting Automation into Your Smart Home System

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Streamline Comfort and Efficiency with Home Lighting Automation 

Home automation has come a long way from just being a convenient tool. Nowadays, it's essential for keeping up with modern life—with thermostats that make your home comfortable when you walk through the door and security cameras that keep a watchful eye when you're out and about. However, what really sets the mood is lighting automation. Smart lights can enhance every room of your home and elevate your daily activities. Keep reading to find out how integrating Ketra home lighting automation into your White Rock, TX, smart home system can give you more control over your house’s aesthetic and functionality.

3 Benefits of an Automated Lighting System


Automated Lighting Systems Change the Look and Feel of Your Home

From a lighting system designed to help you wake up with a mimicked sunrise even in the winter to the ability to set mood lighting without ever touching a switch, automated lighting systems give you total control over your home’s look and feel.

Lighting plays such a critical role in how a room and a home feels. Bright lighting in one room might be appropriate or totally wrong depending on what you’re needing that day.

Lighting also can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm if not handled correctly.

Here’s why you need a lighting automation system.


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