How Different Businesses Benefit from Commercial Audio Video


From Salons to Gyms, Let Your Dallas Business Thrive with a Professional AV Installation

If you’re a business owner in Dallas, ask yourself: how is your current audio video setup serving you? If you own a restaurant or retail space, do you have audio evenly distributed through the building? Is there only one smart speaker that often disconnects from streaming playlists? Or is your system so dated that you can’t stream at all?

AV doesn’t only enhance hospitality establishments. Office buildings, salons, gyms, schools, and hospitals need well-running AV too. Is your business up to par? Continue reading below to see how commercial audio video will help your specific business in Dallas, TX, thrive.

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4 Ways Your Home Comes Alive with Multi Room Audio


Relax, Make Memories, and Stay Informed with Whole Home Speakers

Listening to music in the home brings such color to daily life. But with speakers in only one room, you’re restricted to that area. What if you could move about your whole house—and outdoors too—while the music follows you?

With multi room audio installed in your Dallas, TX home, music will waft through each room like a delicious scent from the kitchen. High-quality speakers by Origin Acoustics or Marantz deliver rich, lifelike sound, and sleek in-wall and in-ceiling speakers reduce clutter. You won’t have to make room for bulky floor-standing or bookshelf speakers, so you can save space and decorate how you’d like.

But why would anyone need multi room audio? If you’re wondering this, discover why below!

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What’s the Difference Between Smart Home Automation and Home Control?


We Explore the Differences & How Your Dallas Home Can Use Both

You have probably seen or heard the phrases ‘smart home automation’ and ‘home control,’ often used interchangeably. But do the two terms mean the same thing? What is the difference? Technology jargon can be hard to follow, so we understand the confusion. While there are similarities between automation and smart control, each defines different ways to use smart home technology.

If you’d like to add comfort to your busy lifestyle and simplify routines in your Dallas, TX home, then smart home automation and home control could be of great help. Continue reading to learn what each means and how to experience hands-off technology for yourself.

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How Seniors Are Benefitting from Smart Home Automation


Smart Technology Is Not Just a Millennial Fascination

A home automation system may sound like something only a craft beer-drinking, tech-startup employed millennial would use. But that’s far from the truth. Seniors have found valuable benefits in smart technology, and in fact, one in seven adults ages 50 and older already own a home assistant device. More than 80% of Americans ages 50 to 64 use smartphones, which means they’re all entirely capable of accessing a smart system like Control4. It’s safe to say the next generation of seniors will be going ‘smart’—and soon.

Whether you’re shopping around for yourself, a spouse, parent, or friend, discover what other seniors in University Park, TX are enjoying about seamlessly integrated technology below.

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