3 Common Home Networking Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Ensure Your Smart Home Runs Safely and Securely with a Reliable Network Installation

These days, you can hardly find a home that isn’t equipped with a wireless home network. Not only do we rely on the internet for our smartphones and laptops, but consumer technology is growing in waves, and smart homes require a robust internet connection to run reliably around the clock.

More and more of the devices in your University Park, TX home are finding their way to your network, resulting in a web of internet-connected devices that you depend on daily. As your smart home grows, your network must be able to handle these demands while keeping you safe from cyber threats.

Unsure if your wireless home networking installation can support and safeguard your ever-growing connected lifestyle? Keep reading to learn about three common home networking mistakes and how to fix them to ensure your network is secure now and in the future.

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Your Wi-Fi Router Settings Are Still Set to Default

The first thing you should do when setting up your wireless network is to change the default settings. Your router is a digital doorway into your smart home, so you must secure it with a complex and customized username and password to prevent intruders from accessing your network. It’s possible that many people will know the default name and password provided with your router, so changing these settings immediately after setup is a great first line of defense.

Additionally, your router may have the guest access feature enabled by default. Be sure to disable this feature right away if you don’t plan on using it. If you’d prefer to keep this feature active, then change its default password and turn off access once your guests are no longer using it.


You Don't Regularly Check For Firmware Updates

Many consumer-grade routers don’t offer automatic firmware updates, which means you must remember to regularly check for updates that could patch up holes in your network security. Not only are updates to your router’s firmware necessary for increased security, but these updates improve your network’s performance, too. Keep in mind that the process of receiving firmware updates varies per brand, so make sure you’re familiar with the firmware update process for your particular router.


You’re Not Using Enterprise-Grade Solutions

From your router to your smart devices, the brands you choose to bring into your home must show full commitment to the integrity of their products and services. When these companies have no security specialists as part of their development team, they may ignore security basics and put vulnerable products on the market that could leave you susceptible to cyber hackers.

What’s more, many consumer-grade routers lack the performance needed to support highly sophisticated smart homes. Uninterrupted connection isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. That’s why our team works with Access Networks to offer enterprise-grade solutions for homeowners who desire unparalleled performance, holistic security, integrity, and scalability from their wireless home network.

Access Networks is the only home network provider that uses true enterprise-grade networking equipment designed to work powerfully in a variety of environments. Access Networks solutions are specifically built for the custom residential market but offer the enterprise-grade standard you see in commercial installations. Plus, all their solutions can be custom tailored for each unique home.

Don’t put your home and family at risk with a poor wireless network. Partner with our team at Integrated Lifestyles to ensure your growing smart home is connected and protected 24/7. From assessing your existing infrastructure to installing and servicing a more reliable wireless home network, we’re here to help. Get started by filling out our online contact form or sending us a live chat below.

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