The Surprising Effect of Media Room Seating


Better Seating Meets Smart Theater Technology

When you think of building a home theater or media room in your University Park, TX property, you probably think of the kind of projector or sound system you’ll want. You imagine watching amazing picture and hearing crisp, clean sound. But there’s something you’ll need to consider before you install anything else: where in the world will you sit?

Custom media room seating is essential to a comfortable, immersive viewing environment but it often goes overlooked when designing a custom space to enjoy your favorite movies, sports, shows, and video games.

Here, we’ll show you exactly why you should consider custom home theater seating for your space and how you can make the best choices for your media room. Keep reading for more!

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It’s Not Just About the Look

The first thing many homeowners think of with theater seating is the overall look and feel. That is the main draw if you’re trying to build a traditional theater. However, in a custom media room -- a space that’s built to be more versatile than a theater -- it may detract from the casual viewing experience.

But did you know theater seating is specially designed to enhance your viewing? The chairs are built to support you comfortably while enhancing the effects of your sound system and video display.

Custom theater seating is often plush and made of non-reflective upholstery. This helps absorb sound to prevent echoes and minimize reflections that can wash out the image on the screen.

In fact, seating is often the first decision you need to make. The number of seats and where they’re placed will help you determine the size of your screen and the placement of your audio channels.


Theater Seating Options

Just because theater seating is designed with a specific purpose in mind doesn’t mean you can’t craft the theater of your dreams that also reflects your design choices. Here are a few options that may work for your space:

Chairs: Individual chairs are often preferred by theater designers for the way they interact with the sound and video components. They can be placed anywhere in the room, with considerations to the full range of sound and the size of the screen.

Loveseats and Sofas: Multi-person seating is perfect for a family media room. You can stay close with your loved ones while still enjoying the benefits of custom seating. Designed with support in mind, theater sofas and loveseats are a smart upgrade from the family couch.

Recliners: If you’re as interested in comfort as you are in function, theater recliners are a great way to enjoy both. Similar in style to theater chairs, recliners allow you to relax a bit more.

Considering a home theater or media room upgrade? Get the most out of it with an experienced theater design professional. Click here to start building the theater or media room of your dreams.

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