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Your Home Security System: The Essentials


What You Need for Your First Home Security System

Keeping your property safe is of the utmost importance to you and your family. But with so many systems available these days, you may not know where to start. The beauty of a smart home security system is that you can start small and build it up over time as technology develops. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the essentials to get you started on an efficient, effective home security system.

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As you probably already know, alarms are the cornerstone of any security system. They alert you when an emergency occurs so you can get to safety in time. But today’s alarms aren’t like they used to be. Instead of a centralized blaring sound, you can receive push notifications directly and quickly on your smartphone or tablet. That means whether you’re in bed, at work, or getting groceries, you’ll know there’s an emergency and be able to take action.



Surveillance cameras are not new. Every time you walk into a bank or government building, you can see bulky gray boxes mounted high on the walls. But modern residential cameras are far more discreet and offer many more capabilities.

Today's smart cameras are smaller and offer adjustable viewing angles, so you can cover your entire home. They also provide night vision to allow you to see in the dark. Most importantly, they connect to a smart home system so that you can access and adjust them along with your lights, shades, door locks and more.


Access Control

Access control is some of the oldest technology you have in your house -- it's the traditional lock and key. But smart access control is different. This takes the electronic lock you can use with your smartphone, tablet, or even your thumbprint for a safe, secure property. With a smart system, you won't ever forget your keys, and you can create temporary codes from trusted friends and family, so you know when they enter or leave your home.


Smart Automation

Home automation simplifies your everyday activities, and that includes protecting your home. With a single, intuitive system you can adjust every part of your security system, from integrated locks to smart cameras, with the touch of a button.

You can also engage your entire security system before bed or as you leave the house. With one tap, you can shut down the lights, AV, and more and secure every lock in your home. It’s a great way to add convenience to your daily life.

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