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3 Ways Smart Lighting Control Can Transform Your Lifestyle


Beauty, Safety, and Efficiency with One Touch

One of the most critical pieces of technology in our homes is our lighting system. From the fixtures to the dimmers, the components are part of our everyday lives. When we wake up, we turn the lights on. Going to bed? We switch them off. And throughout the day, they get plenty of use.

Smart lighting control is ideal for clients who understand the importance of light in a space, how it affects the look, security, and energy use of your home. In this blog, we'll explore three essential ways smart lighting can make your lifestyle better. Keep reading for more.

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For Dinner Parties and Movie Nights

Lighting allows you to change the look of your rooms with the touch of a button. Whether you want to create an atmosphere that encourages conversation at a dinner party or one that’s perfect for watching your favorite movies, you can do it quickly and easily with a smart system.

You can set the system to different brightness levels throughout a room. Highlight the areas you love -- like art, furniture, and more -- while downplaying the ones you don’t like as much. Lighting is arranged in zones, so you can brighten one and dim the other to create an elegant, layered look.

Of course, sometimes you just want the lights off, like when you’re watching a movie. In those cases, one tap on a specially marked and customizable button will turn them off, while turning on your AV system. Smart lighting makes interior design more streamlined and integrated than ever.


For Long Summer Days

Now that daylight savings time is here, the days are going to get warmer and longer. That means many of your comfort controls will be working overtime -- and adding to your energy consumption.

Smart lighting is a hands-free way to help manage your usage. Install sensors that tell the system when there’s not enough light in a room, and they’ll turn on automatically. Or add occupancy sensors, that only power them on when you walk into the room.

Plus, you can receive real-time usage updates so that you can make adjustments on the fly. And when someone leaves a room without turning the lights off, you can do it remotely with a single tap.


For Bedtime

When you’re ready for bed, another tap will shut down all the lights in your home. But the beauty of a smart lighting system is that it can work with other devices in your property, including security features like surveillance cameras, alarms, and smart locks.

Touch a customizable button on your controller and arm your security system while shutting down the other technology for the evening. Also, your lights can work with your security system for even greater safety.

If a motion sensor detects movement, the lights can turn on immediately so you can see what’s happening outside. In the case of a fire emergency, your lights can illuminate the right path to safety. There are plenty of ways smart lighting works to keep you safe.

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