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Customer service is something we pride ourselves on.

There are plenty of other tech installation companies, but none of them are quite like us.

At Integrated Lifestyles, the client comes first. We listen to your needs, thoughts and concerns in order to provide you with the best home entertainment system, home and building automation solutions for your Highland Park, TX home or Design District business.



We strive to be friendly and approachable in order to earn our clients’ trust and make the process of installation a positive one.




If you are still on the fence about the decision to automate, these are a few of the benefits you’re missing out on:


While we do not install home or business security systems, certain features like automated lighting, remote control and smart smoke and carbon dioxide detectors can keep your home or business safe.


From smart thermostats, to occupancy sensors and automated appliances, smart technology works to make sure your home or business is using energy efficiently in order to help you save money.


One of the driving factors behind the choice to automate is convenience. The streamlined experience you’ll have with automated technology in your home or business allows you to work and live more efficiently.

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Integrated Lifestyles is a unique company thanks to our diverse array of clients, years of experience and devotion to customized, precise design.

Consultations are a key part of your installation.

Before any installation, we always hold a consultation with the client to make sure all of their needs are being met, to address any concerns they may have and to make sure the client understands what their installation will include.

Integrated Lifestyles technicians are some of the most experienced in the business.

We employ some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. Our team understands the technology we install very well and has the capacity to guide clients through the process with a better understanding of their new system.

Each of our technology installations is sleek and stylish.

When an Integrated Lifestyles installation is completed, we make certain that all wires are neatly organized and hidden in order to make sure your home or business looks just as sleek and stylish as it did before.





Discover precision design, peak performance and unmatched service unite.